Reasons to clean your oven

Did you know that oven cleaning reduces the risk of potential hazards within your home?

Not many of us want to spend quality time with our heads stuck in a greasy oven armed with wire scrubbers, chemicals and dripping sweat. Hardly glamorous is it? Research tells us its one of the most put off household chores. Life is simply too busy for such an arduous time consuming task. So why bother? Tomorrow is another day.

What are the hazards?

Food for thought! What we tend to forget is that not only is oven cleaning a way of getting your oven sparkling clean and smelling fresh but essential to minimizing the risk of potential fire. It is well known that oil and grease are highly flammable. Statistically student house shares are particularly vulnerable to this type of fire.

Health hazards are created with dirty baked on food. We have all set the smoke alarm off at some point when using a smoky oven. This smoke when inhaled puts not only your health at risk but that of your family and pets. Not an ideal environment to create a family meal in. Maintaining a clean oven helps eliminate the possibility of carbon-based fumes altering the taste of your food, particularly baking.

It can save me money?!

Oven cleaning is also economical. A build up of grease and grime can not only damage your oven but extend cooking times. Clean ovens distribute heat more efficiently and use less energy. Would you allow your car or boiler to run without a regular service? An oven needs essential maintenance to maintain optimum performance.

How we can help!

Don`t despair our team of professional domestic cleaners are at hand to deliver eco friendly chemical free cleans offering you peace of mind and an oven you will be proud to cook in. Oven cleans start at £39!